Utilizing industrial waste byproduct energy for reducing high-end special cement aluminate-based cement manufacturing methods

산업 폐부산물을 활용한 알루미네이트계 시멘트 제조방법


본 발명은 산업폐부산물을 활용한 알루미네이트계 시멘트 제조방법에 관한 것으로, 더욱 바람직하게는 부산물인 산업 폐부산물에 석회석과 석고를 각각 혼합하고 휘발물질 제거장치가 하부에 장착된 분쇄기에서 분쇄하여 얻어진 시멘트 원료(Raw Mix)를 소성 및 냉각하여 칼슘 설포 알루미네이트계[CaO-SiO 2 -Al 2 O 3 -SO 3 -Fe 2 O 3 ] 시멘트를 제조하는 방법에 있어서, 상기 분쇄된 시멘트 원료(Raw Mix)에 알루미나성분 함유량이 30중량% 이상 또는 30중량% 이하인 공정슬러지를 혼합하여 소성 및 냉각하여 얻어진 칼슘 설포 알루미네이트계[CaO-SiO 2 -Al 2 O 3 -SO 3 -Fe 2 O 3 ] 시멘트는 1종 보통 포틀랜드 시멘트의 소성온도보다 100℃ 이하 낮은 소성온도에서 고순도(CSA함량이 50~90 중량%) 또는 저순도(CSA함량이 15~50 중량%)로 제조하는 위한 것이다.
PURPOSE: A manufacturing method for aluminate group cement using industry waste is provided to manufacture calcium sulfo aluminate (CaO-SiO2-Al2O3-SO3-Fe2O3) cement by mixing limestone and gypsum in industry waste, thereby improving the recycle effect of the industry waste and facilitating the substitution of bauxite which is an alumina raw ore. CONSTITUTION: A manufacturing method for aluminate group cement using industry waste comprises following steps. Limestone and gypsum are mixed with industry waste. Cement raw mix is obtained by pulverizing the mixture. The cement raw mix is mixed with process sludge in which a content of an alumina component is more than 30 weight% or less than 30 weight%. And calcium sulfo aluminate cement is obtained by plasticizing and cooling the mixed cement raw mix. The calcium sulfo aluminate cement with high purity (CSA content is 50-90 weight%) or low purity (CSA content is 15-50 weight%) is manufactured at a firing temperature which is 100°C lower than a firing temperature of first class ordinary portland cement. The manufacturing method for the aluminate group cement includes a following process. 7-14 parts by weight of the calcium sulfo aluminate cement is mixed with 80-90 parts by weight of the first class ordinary portland cement and 3-6 parts by weight of gypsum, and the mixture is pulverized.




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