Telephonic transmitter.



J. J. COMER. TELEPHONIG TRANSMITTER. APPLICATION F'I'LED MAR.4, 1907. 1,105,066. Patented July 28, 1914. Savant entrain sra'rns mew orrron. JOHN J. COMER, OF SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA, ASSIG-NOR, BY MESNE ASSIGN- MENTS, TO THEWEB?! TALKING PICTURE COMPANY, A CORPORATION OF DELAWARE. To all whom it may concern: Be it known that I, JOHN J. COMER," L citizen of the United States, residing at Santa Monica, in the county-0f Los Angeles and State of California, have invented cer-- tain new and useful Improvements in Telephonic Transmitters; and I do declare the following to be a full, clear, and eXact description of the invention, such as will en able others skilled in the. art to which it appertains to make and use the same, reference beinghad'to the accompanying drawlugs, and to the letters and figures of reference marked thereon, which form a part of this specification. My invention relates to transmitters de- I signed more-particularly for instruments for recording sound relations but adapted for other kinds of sound or wave transmitting instruments. It has for its object-to produce a transmitter free from metallic sounds and having an unlimited range of vibration and which will cause more distinct and audible transmission of the sound vibrations. To the accomplishment of the foregoing and. such other objects as may hereinafter appear the invention consists in the features hereinafter particularly described and then sought to be clearly defined by the claims, be of any approved pattern, the interior of the. tube being tapering toward the diaphragm, which latter is designated by the numeral 3and may be of glass, aluminum, or other suitable material. The diaphragm has the rubber rings t bearing thereon near its periphery, on its opposite sides. 'To'the bricge ,5 is secured by screws, or otherwise, the carbon electrodes 6 which are insulated from the bridge by a suitable insulation 7. Theelectrodes have the ter minals 8 secured thereto, and are encircled by a fibrous cotton wall 9 which forms a cup for holdingthe granular carbon 10. TELEPHONIC TRANSMITTER. Specification of Letters Patent. Patented July 28,1914. ' Application filed March 4, 1907. Serial no; 360,480. This fibrous wall relieves the diaphragm of the pressure that would result from making the Wall of a hard substance, and hence a free vibration-of the diaphragm is obtained. The electrodes 6 are separated by a strip of mica 1 1 which projects intc'the body of the granular carbon contained in'thecup. This separator .causes the current to follow a course or circuit extending farther into the hody'of the carbon granules as it must pass over or around the separator, and thus affords the diaphragm a better opportunity to disturb the path of the current and produce a greater resistance to it. struction described relieves the diaphragm of Weight, deflects the path of the current, and enables the vibration of the diaphragm to better disturb the path of the current and cause greater resistance to it, all of which results in a greater range of vibration, greater sensitiveness, absenceot metallic tones, and production of the The con without departing from the essential fea tures. Having described my invention, and set forth its merits, What I claim is: 1. A transmitter comprising a diaphragm, a bridge carrying a cup containing granular carbon, two'electrodes both of whichare carried by the bridge and insulated,therefrom and lying on the same side of the granular carbon, and an insulating strip interposed between the electrodes and extending into the granular carbon whereby said strip is caused to serve the twofold purpose of separating the two electrodes and deflecting the path of the current from one electrode to the other, said. cup, electrodes and insulating strip being supported from the bridge independently of the diaphragm to relieve the latter from the weight ofsaid parts, and said diaphragm being-in contact with the granular carbon and free from positive connection with said parts including the cup, substantially as described. 2.- A transmittmcomprising a diaphragm, a granular carbon holding cup, the wall whereof formed of soft loose fil'u'ous material, electrodes on the same side of the grani'llar carbon, and a separator between the electrodes and projecting into the body of the carbon granules transversely across the cup, said separator serving to insulate the electrodes from each other and deflect the path of the current from one electrode tothe other, said cup, electrodes and separator be ing supported independently of the die-- phragm to relieve the latter from the Weight of said parts, substantially as described. 3. A transmitter comprising a cliephragm granular carbon holdin cup, two electrodes both of which are on t e same side of the carbon in the cup and an insulating strip interposed between the tWo electrodes and projecting into the body of the carbon gran- 1,1os,eee Witnesses Finn) Jinan; Comm, Josnrn 2;. Coarse.



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