F. W. CAPPELEN. NGINBRATOR. APPLICATION FILED 11.111.241, 1911. 1,110,5895, Paten-ned Sept. 15, 19111. /f/ f//f/f, g 016211151 my F. W. GAPPELEN. INCINERATOR. APPLICATION FILED MAR.24, 1911Y Ll 1&9@ Patented Sept. 15, 1914. 9. SHEETS-SHEET 2. Mfr/V555 is l Af" .nani/,eea provide an improved form of grate or sup- .bedaren eraan rasoi-mr cierren.- BEEECK WW, 'PELENQ 0F MINNEA'ELS, MINNESOTA, ASSIGNOR TO DECARIE QCINEA'FR COMANY, 0l? HOFKINS, MXNNESQTA, A CORIPORATIO 0F MIN? momentanen. To all whom fir' may concern y Be it known that l, Financieren W. CAP- eenen, -oit Minneapolis, Hennepin county Minnesota, have invented certain new and useful improvements in ncinerators', ot' which the following is a specilication. 1 My invention relates to incinerators for t disposing of garbag., refuse, paper, andi other material, while my copending application, Serial No. 616,763, tiled March Eef! 1911, relates to boiler circulation for such an l ineinerator. f The object of my present invention is to l port for the paper consuming chamber, to! the end that the paper and light material i Will be supported above the fuel burning grate a sufficient distance to prevent clogging and insure the complete combustion ot the material in the chamber. Other objects of the invention will appear 'from the following detailed description. The invention consists generally in various constructions and combinations, all i as hereinal'fter described and particularly pointed out in the claims. ln the accompanying drawings Jforming part ot this Specification, 'Figure 1 is a vertical sectional view through an incinerator with my invention applied thereto, Fig. Q is a transverse sectional view through the paper consuming chamber, Fig. 3 is a horizontal sectional View. v In the drawing, 2 represents the main combustion chamber `of the incinerator haw in a Water space in its Walls and a header 3 connected to the water-space 4i and extend in across the combustion chamber and pipes' 5 orming with said header a grate on which the garbage and other material is consumed. 6 is lling opening located above the grate and 7 is a fuel grate. A flue opening 8 is provided in the wall of the combustion chamber for the passae'e of the products ot combustion into the chamberl) and in the opposite Wall vflue openings l() and 1l are formed, one above the fuel -grate and the other between the filling opening and the hopper beneath; These flue openings 10 and l1 form communicating passages between the combustion chamber .2 and the paper consuming chamber 12 which has a filling opening 1S provided with a. cover 14. A fuel grate l5 is formed in the bottom ot' the paper consuming chamber and stoke holes 16 Sncccation of Letters iatent. f application ined trama e4; 1911. serial no. 616,764. and 17 are termed in the outer wallspf the Patented Sept., l5, lttlllel. chamber through which access may be had to the fuel burning grate 15 and to a suspended grate upon which the paper or other light; combustible material is deposited. Tiis'igrate consists ot pipes or circulating tubesgl, preferably connected at their upper ends to a circulating chamber 19 in the top of the combustion chamber and dependling therefrom and extending inwardly and 'terminating m inclined extensions 19, which overhang the 'fuel grate 15.' A circulating ,pipe 2() is connected with the ends of the horizontal extensions 19 and has its ends turned inwardly and connected with the water space il above the due opening 1l. A circulationis thus established through the p'ipes 18 and '20 and the flame-s from the t'uel burning grate, ascending through and around the said pipes, will etlectually con sume all the material supported thereon, the products of combustion passing through the tine 10 and into the combustion chamber 2. rl`his grate, as shownin Fig. 1, is preferably suspended ou one side only, so that it will not prevent all ot the material deposited in the ,'ombustion chamber' Jfrom falling through upon the fuel grate, but will suspend a sutlicient portion ot it to prevent the paper or other light material deposited in the chamber 'from dropping to the bottom upon the fuel grate and clogging it or preventing t'ree combustion. l claim as my invention 1. An incinerator having a l'uel grate and 'a iilling opening and a flue for the ]n'oducts of combustion, a garbage grate, a paper combustion chamber having tlucs in its walls leading respectively to the spaces above and below said garbage" grate, said paper combustion chamber having a filling opening and a fuel grate, and a grate tor the light material suspended within said paper combustion chamber and depending between said chamber and the flue leading to the space above said garbage grate. The combination, with an incinerator, ot' a paper combustion chamber having a fuel grate and an exit liuc opening in its wall above said grate, a second grate suspended from said wall above said iiue opening and depending below the saine and spaced therefrom and having a substantially horizontaly portion projecting into said conn bustion chamber; and spaced trom said t'uel grate, whereby alle products of combustion on said fuel grate vill have a free passage around the material to be destroyed to said exit flue. 3. An incinerator having a fuel grate and a filling opening and a flue for the products of combustion, a garbage grate, a paper combustion chamber having flues in its Walls leading respectively to the space above and below said garbage grate, said paper combustion chamber having a fuel grate opposite the opening leading to the space beneath said garbage grate, a second grate auranged in front of and near the Hue openingleading to the space above said garbage grate and depending within said paper Combustion chamber to a point above said fuel grate, whereby free passage for the products of combustion on said Fuel grate may be had around the material on said second grate to the exit flue above said garbage grate, and the wall of said incinerator haV- ing stoking holes on a level substantially with said fuel grate and with said second grate. In Witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand this 9 day of March 1911. FREDERICK W. CAPPELEN. Witnesses: GENEVIEVE E. SORENSEN, EDWARD O. PAUL.



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