Improvement in anlmal-traps

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  • Publication Date: February 07, 1871
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timidi hm ein effin. Letters Patent No. 111,673, dated February?, 1871. `IMPROVEMENT IN AdNlMAL-TRAPS. The Schedule referred to in these Letters Patent and makingl part o the same. To all whom it mayconceru: Y Be it known that I, Jarras-O. PARnIsH, of Petersburg, in the countyof Dinwiddie and State of Virginia, have invented a new and improved Animal- Trap; `and Ido hereby declare the following to be a full-,.clear, and exact description of the same, reference being had to the accompanying' drawing making apart of this specification, in which- Figure l is a plan view, and Figures 2 and 3 are sectional elevations. This invention relates to a trap iu which the animal first enters, by an opening in the side, a vertical cylinder mounted on 'pivots and .providedf with a coiled spring arranged, when wound up, to imparta rotary motionto the chamber 'whenevera certain stop is withdrawn, and in which the animal with-` draws said stop by 'depressing in his efforts to reach the bait, the false spring-bottomvof the cylinder, the latter then whirling far enough around to bring thc aforesaid opening ifi,Y its side opposite a box placed next to the cylinder, which .box the animal enters, attracted by holes at .its other end which admitlight, and from which box the animal escapes by raising its cover on its hinges and creeping under, whereupon the animal finds itself entrapped in an inclosing-case from which there is no escape, the cylinder meantime having been once more whirled by its spring through the action o'f`the animal in raising the hinged box far enough around to bring the opening in its`side'again to the'frout, thus resetting the trap.' Referring to the drawinga is the inclosing-case. b is the cylinder, mounted at and filling the front ,and open end of the case.` (l is the vertical shaft on which the cylinder is placed. c is arcase placed on the shaft d above the case a, and containing the coiled spring e, that rotatesV the cylinder. f- -v f is the opening at the side of the cylinder through which the animal enters. g is the false spring-bottom ofthe cylinder. " It is a pin secured to tlie free side of the springbottom, and extending through the side of the cylinder, so as to'form a stop to the rotation of the latter by vstrikngig'the side ,of the hinged box t'. - l are holes in the side of the cylinder on the opposite side from the orice f, which holes the animal approaches in order to get at the bait, that is secured to the partition m near the holes and outside the cylinder, by which movement of the animalfthe springdoor is depressed so far as to lower the pin h below the projection m at the end of thebox t', whereupon the cylinder is instantly whirled around. by the spring e till the opening f is opposite the front end of the box i, at which moment a projection, n' on the outside ofthe cylinder strikes a wire, o, attached to the cover t ofthe box t', by which wire the cylinder is stopped. p are the-holes in the inclined cover t of the box i, toward which the animal then proceeds, reaching which, the animal pushes itself along under the cover till 11e raises the latter far enoughy to enable him to pass-'ont'from beneath it,wheu it falls. Y The raising of the cover in this manner depresses the end of the wire o below the projection n., whereupon the cylinder is again whirled by the spring c, v the projection n passing through the recess q in the.` sido of the box This rotation of the cylinder continues until the pin 71. once'more strikes the side of the box i and the opening f is again at the front of the-case a, thus resetting the trap and closing the front end of the box t' so as' to shut olf the light. The animal, alter emerging from the box t', finds itself' securely enti-upped in the case a, whence therei is no escape. lhe case a should be provided with a glass top to admit light. The case c has a projection, r, at -oneside, in which projection is an-oriiice through which a` rod, s, enters, the function of said rodheing to prevent the rewinding of the spring e. Having thus described my invention, What l' claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is- The cylinderb, having the projection n, thc-opening f, and oriiice l, in combination with the spring e, the 'spriug false bottom g, provided with the piu h, thc box fil, provided. with the .recesses q u, and the' hinged cover t, .perforated atp and provided with the wire o, all arranged and operating as'described. To the above specification of my invention I have signed my hand this 5th day of January, A. D. 1871. JAMES O. PARRISH. XVitncssos: Taos. D. D. DURAND, Guss. A. Pntrrrr.



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