Improvement in potato-planters

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  • Publication Date: March 14, 1871
  • Publication Number: US-112617-A



`J0EE o; MIL-Ls, j QRIGHARDLE'AKE, ` To dllwhom it may concern Y i Belit known that "I, JOHN C. MILLS, of Roches- `te'r,in the county of Monroean'd in the State of New York, h'ave invented certain new and useful Improvei mentsin'Potato-Planter; and Ido hereby declare that lthe following is "a, full, clear, and exact description y thereof, reference? being had to the "accompanying n drawing and to the letters of reference markedtherei, on makinga part of thisspecication. y t l The natureof my invention consists in the construction and arrangement cfa potato-planter, as A will be hereinafter fully set forth. y In order `to 'enable others skilled `in tlie art to which my invention apper'taius to make and use the same, n I` will now `proceed to describe its construction and operation, referring to the annexed drawing, in whichi y v i i Figure 'l is a side elevation, and Figure 2 a plan vievvofY my machine Figure ,3 isian enlargedside view of a portion of tlieframe. p i, p l, A representsthe frame of my machine, made in `V-shape, with a cross-bar nearfthe ends, from which the handles B' B extend upward and toward the rear, ` The frame Ais supported upon the wheels GC, `mountedonthe /axle a, which axle carries a spur or l This-cog`\vl1eel gears with a pinion, al, on the end of a shaft, c, which Vhas its bearings on the 1frame A, andis provided with a roller, D. ` per E, is provided with grooves L l,as shown inlgfl, `to take in one 4or more potatoes, asthe case mayref f quire,` and force themf against 'the-knives ff, cutting The Schedule referred te ln thesmtters Patent andmakng part of the same. vequal distances apart. A This roller, which works inthe bottom of the hop-` or` ROCHESTER, NEWr YORK, AssIeNoR: To HiM'sELE AND or SAME PLAoE.- \ Leners Patent No.'112,'617, dated Mmh1-4,1871. i-MPRovEM'ENT lnPoTATo-PLANTERS. them in two or more pieces and dropping them at "The knives f f are yattached to a slide, G, which moves in a clip, H, on the inner rear side of the `hopper E. v i The furrow to receive the potatoes is opened by the shovel l attached to a bar, J, which passes through thefront end of thefraine A, and has at its forward end the gauge-wheel K. The potatoes, after being deposited in the `furrow, are covered hytwo shovels, II, attached to thecross-v ha;l in"the"rear part of the frame. ` "When it is desired to plant potatoes without cutting, the sli'de G is drawn back so as to lift the knives .out of the slotsV or grooves. Having thus fully described my invention, l What I claim as new, and desire to seoureby Letters Patent, isy ,1. The roller D,'provided with grooves t', and operating substantially as and for the purposes herein set forth. a 2. The arrangement, on the inside of the hopper E, of the clip H, slide G, and knives ff, substantially l as shown and described. 3. The combination of the V-shapedframe A, hanf dles'B,` B, axle a,'whee1s C C, roller D, hopper E, slide G, with knives f f, shovels I I, and gauge-wheel- K, all constructed and arranged substantiallyas and v for the purposes herein set forth. l In testimony that I` claim the foregoing I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 10th day of .1)e- oember, 1870. Witnesses: JOHN G. MILLS. [n s.] C. L. EvER'r, y CHRIS. GAFEIN.



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