Gun with pivot-mount.

  • Inventors: JULIUS BECKER
  • Assignees: Krupp Ag
  • Publication Date: February 09, 1915
  • Publication Number: US-1127394-A



J. BECKER. GUN WITH PIVOT MOUNT-. APPLICATION FILED 0016, 1909. Patented Feb. 9, 1915. 1o 1 of 'gunsdn sucha manner that, when out of I "uni-TED- STATESZ'PATENTOFFICE. Jem vs BEcKEn;on ssEN-oN-rHE-nUHn; GER NY, nssienon Tommi). xmrrr AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT, or nssnmon -vrun-nunn, GERMANY. I GUN WITH PIYOTHMOUNT. 'To all wh m it may concern: - Be itfknown that I,-'JoLIos Brenna, a subjec'tof the Emperor of Germanv, anda resident of Essen-on-the-Ruhi", Germany, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Guns with Pivot-Mounts, of: "which the following is a specification.- I '- The '--'present invention relates to guns with pi t mounts and the object of the-in vention is to arrange and construct this type use, the guns can; be'folded so'as to require but small. spacein folded" condition- In the accompanying drawings, Figuredshows diagrammatically a side view of one. mbodim n r: in nti ,x d 1 1 partsl o'f'a submarine'boat; lg 2 is an end? view of Fig. partly in section Fig. '3 is a topyiew of Fig. l -and Fig. 44st, view I Ref'rene enwill firstbe had to the embodiment shown in Figshl to The. pivot mount; consists of the"p1vot 5 ,column A and thej pivot fork B which l can, I showing another I embodiment of the inventioh'ih? I I I I (Fig. 2) .jou rnaled theicolumn A. be gun barrel C is. swmgmgly mouned in the fork- B through the medium .o ffthe-twp :hori-; zontal trunnionsliekji', A shoulder tp ece .6 and a1 sighting device" (not; shown in the drawing) are remiwabi'y'secured' on the gun; ' barrel. The pivot eolumn A 'hasits lower end connected to the gun platform by. means of a joint D in such amannerFthatthe coltion. The pivot fork iscurvedtomii'ii the muzzle of the gun barrelziG so that the. gun barrel can'be turned; thefiuzzle; per 86. The joint D is located in a compartment E which is provided inthedek-superstructure of the submarine boat and which is adapted to recelve the folded gun. {the can be closed water-tlghtr compartment E by means'of'a cover H (Figs. 1 and 2). A pipe (not shown) which can be shut off leads from the bottom of the compartment E to the water exterior and through pipe when 'lyingin thegoompartment' Eg-islocateg bottom of. ' manner. en. I folded the gun barrel'woul'd thenassur'ne an I specificationf1eitrsPat=nt- 1 Patented Feb.*9, 1915 Applicatio'n'filed October 6,1908. Serial No. 521.405, the water can be let out whieh eiiters the compartment E when the cover '11 is -removed: I I In the position of use o f the gun the; pivot: column "A ca'nbe secured in the verticalpo'si' tion by means of four rods F {which are o1nted"to the n platforrn. *oo When it is esl're'd' todlve'with-fthe' bodt I" orwhen,' during-the surface travel"of the? boat, the *movedrfrom' the gun barrel; the rodsYF are I gun isnot in use thesi htingde 1 vvice and the shoulder piede -0 ar o'firstre- .then 'disconnected from the' pivot' .jcolumn and'thegunibarrel C is turned'into'thevertidal: position indicated in dotted lines in- -.-Fig.-1 Therguncan'then befolded into'the i bompartment-I E in which it 'assumes thegfpo "Simon-indicated in dotted'linesjin Fig'. Finall the compartment is elosed hy the when the gun iS in'Ithe folded"? I I 'doe'sinot present any resistance-w th sub merged travel' of the boat. I In the embodimv t shownv'in Figixtt I pivot forlzB is curvedtowardthe breech of the gun barrel C so'that the g!,1I'l';-'--barre1,.f 'e "'-p r ominee. i x 'IS 'accordinilyl'i arranged Vern t 'eJebmputment It is evidentith'st inventio applicable moun d on submarine where it; foni istancyisjdf iinportinceithet" the gun,1when;2',not m' useyshouldfbecom' '90 cealed" from vi'ew orI' protected firom 5 the: ,eot'er soJthat' the" gun is protected ngginjti the actionof the. sea-water.- Ie'fiect of theiwe'ather; Furthermore; when there is sufficient'arailable space in-the come partment for';reeeivin'gi the folded the. i pivot fork may constructed 'in' thefusual e pivot column has beeninclinedposition'relative tothecolumn; ters Patentis Havingthus described the inveiition','what is claimed and desired to be secured byLe't-X 1. The combination with the gun platform having a compartment of apiyot mount, a: 'fork' formed ;with forwardly" proj'e'eting] prongs, a gun mounted on the-fork, a oint 1 connecting the, mount andthelilplatfprm such a mannerthat the guncan be folded horizontally Within the oompertnx at. for supporting the gem in position lo and a closure for the compartment. 2. The combination with. the gun platform having e compartment, of a gun mount provided with forwardly projecting prongs, e gun pivot-ally mounted. on the respective ,5 prongs ancl 'eleptecl to oe folded in hOIlzontel position Within the compartment, and a'closure for said compartment. The combination with the gunplel-iorm having a compartment; of a, pivotecl gun mount having a joint, eonneoting it; with soil plat-form and stays secured to lzhe plet- -;form for holding v the mount rigirl. a fork and a gun with horizonteltrunnions mountecl therein to have lateral training on the mount and adapte to be folded parallel therewith, said gun and the mount adapted to be swung around said joint so to foldhorizontellly within the compartment of the platform. 4:: The combinalpion with the gun platform, of a gun mount, a fork odnpfied to turn. for lateral training relatively to the mount 360', a gun with horizontal trunnions mounted in' 7 the forkm permanent link connection between soicl gun mount and sold. platform allowing the gonpmtl the mount to he folded horizontally on the platform, and means for soourmg the mount in the 'lirlngposltion. '5. The eombmalnon with the gun platform, fork adapted to turn for lateral. 2517:) of as gun, mount, if lateral training v to l a gun with; horizontal srohnlons moo; "she fork, 2 permanent link co tween said mount and said ii lellw ing the mount to be put; zlown o "form, means allowing the gun to h into horizontal position when she put down on lhe platform marl n; securing the mount in the firing posmor: 6. The combination with the gun ole. t'forre. having a ooropertment, of a gun moo; JUZEUS BECKER, - In presenceofi @TTO Killers, Cues. ll. Vex-sin.



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