M. lGOLDSMITHI GARD CASE. 'APPLICATION FILED Nov.21,191'2. www Patented P91123, 1915. mvemozr: M; d M w MELRIGE GOLDSMITH, OF NEW YORK, N, Y. CARD-CASE. releases Specicaton of Letters Patent. Patented Feb. 235, MM5. Application le. tovember 21, 1912. Serial No. 732,660. T0 all whom t may concern: Be it known that l, MAURICE Gonnsiurrn, a citizen of the United States, residing in the city, county, and State of New York, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Card-Cases, of which the following is a specification. My invention relates to improvements in card cases primarily intended to contain a pack of playing cards, although it may be used `for other purposes, and my objects are the production of a. case'nto which the cards may be easily placed and from which they may be easily removed, and in which they will be securely held with the edges fully protected and which case will be neat in appearance and cheaply produced. In the drawing Figure l is a view of the closed case; Fig. 2 a view of the open case; and Fig. 3 a sectional view of the case to illustrate the preferred form of construction. The case comprises a rigid, open metal frame l of approximately the size and shape of the pack .of cards and is bent up of strip metal .a trille wider than the thickness of a pack of cards. l do not limit myself to the use of metal for this frame as Celluloid or like substances may be employed. A cover such as is used on books with sides 2 and 3 and a back l is made and the metal frame l is secured to the back 4, preferably by securing the lining 5 in place after the frame l has been placed in position asis best shown in Fig. 3. .y A flap 6 is secured to-one Side of the cover 3 and is detachably secured to the other side 2 by the fasteners 7, 8 to hold the case in closed position. l In order that the top and bottom cards may not slip over the edges of the metal frame the cover is made slightly larger than the frame so that it extends beyond it and the fillers 9 and l0 are secured to the insides of the sides 2 and 3 and project slightly into the space inside the frame so that when the case is closed the edges of the cards cannot ride over the frame. In use the case is opened, the pack of cards laid in the frame and the covers closed and fastened. The cards are retained in the frame, the edges are protected all the way around and the case presents a neat appeal'- ance. To remove the cards it is necessary only to undo the fastening when the cards will fall out of the frame into the hand regardless of which side is uppermost. lt is apparent that cases embodying my invention may be used to contain a variety of objects such, for example, as toilet articles mounted on the cover sides, the frame preventing their striking when the case is closed. A case comprising a rectangular, rigid frame composed of sides, a front and a back, a cover for the top and bottom, larger than the frame, hinged to the back thereof, a filler on the inside of each side of the cover, smaller than the frame, and projecting therein, to prevent the escape of inclosures between the cover and the edge of the frame when the case is closed. ln testimony whereof l have hereunto subscribed my name in the presence of two attesting witnesses. MAURICE GOLDSMITH. lVitnesses: Roer. B. KILLGORE, D. E. MrNrz.



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