Improvement in shoemakers pincers

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  • Publication Date: April 04, 1871
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@anni (time ALFREDCLARKE, OF PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA. Letters Patent No. 113,261, dated April 4, 1871. IMPROVEMENT IN SI-AIOEMAKERS PINCERS. v The Schedule referred to in these Letters Patent and making part of the same. I, ALFRED CLARKE, of the city of Philadelphia and State of Pennsylvania, have invented certain Improvements in Shoemakers Pincers,`of which the following is a specification. 4 . The nature of the invention mainly consists in the construction ofthe head of the hammer, connected with one of the jaws of the pincers of circular form, whereby the workman is enabled to get a better leverage, especially in lasting o1' drawing in the loose leather around the toes, producing more perfect work with half the labor necessary in the use of the ordinary square head. It also consists in giving a swelled form to the face of the head, to enable the workman to hold his hand at any angle and secure the driving of the tack or nail at a single blow without the iear ot' striking his finger, securing a perfect clinching of the tacks or nails as their points strike the last. It further consists of a roughened face of the hammer, which prevents the tackor nail slipping when struck. And it also consists in the construction of the head separate from the jaw, to which it is attached, and confining it by means of a screw cut on its shank, for the purpose ot' using one or more washers under the shoulder of the shank, to vary the height of the face ofthe hammer as may be desired, and also to provide, in case of the breakage of the hammer, for combining another with the jaw, thus avoiding the necessity of throwing away the whole tool. To enable others skilled in the art to which my invention appertains to make and use my improved pincers, I will -now give a full description thereof. In the accompanying drawing which makes a part of this specification- Figure l is a side view ofthe improved pincers. . Figure 2 is au edge view of the same. Figure 3 is a side View of the hammer C, detached. ALike letters in all the igures indicate the same parts. o A A are the two levers of the pincers, having the usual jaws B B. G is a hammer, attached to the jaw B', and removable therefrom by constructing it with ascrew-threaded pin, a, as seen in iig. 3, the jaw having aifemale thread cut in a corresponding opening.V I provide, by this construction, as above stated, of repairing the tool, or by connecting a new head in place'of a broken or otherwise defective one. The head of the hammer is made of a circular form, as represented, to enable the workman to use it. to better advantage in drawing in the loose leather around the toe than he could in using a square-head hammer. The face of the hammer is swelled, to enable the workman to strike the heads of the nails or tacks at different angles without the danger of turning the nails. The face is milled or roughened, as represented in fig. 2, to prevent the slipping oi of the heads of the nails or tacks. What'I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is The combination and arrangement of thecircular head C, having a swelled and roughened face, with the jaw B' of the pincers, substantially in the manner and for the purpose above set forth. In testimony that the above is my invention I have hereunto set my hand and aliixed my seal this 19th day of January, 1871. ALFRED CLARKE. [In s.] Witnesses THOMAS J. BEWLEY, STEPHEN UsTIcK.



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